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Dec. 1st, 2013 | 12:20 am

I'm back!!

I'm back???

Ehh...We'll see. In full disclosure, you should know I have a short attention span. But I loathe Facebook, and long for something just short of real human contact. So my options are limited.

Facebook. Meh. What to say about Facebook? In my opinion, it's for people who get their jollies off posting pics of their selves doing obnoxiously ho-hum shit in the company of friends all wearing the same rehearsed, moronic simpler, photo after photo. Not quite subtle or real in my book. Plus I don't like the way it tucks four sentences out of sight like it's some inexcusable intrusion on the world of happy poses.

In any case, I suppose that for now I'll keep my internet b.s. time confined to the pages herein. Maybe when not being a self-absorbed twat, try to contribute something to the conversation. I promise nothing. I'll deliver on even less. But maybe I can amuse myself and a few others in the process.

Until next, time, take care, and good to be back...whoever is still out there.

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