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Jun. 23rd, 2005 | 11:55 am

Why is it, friends, that a hardened java junkie like yours truly can no sooner finish a single cup of coffee in the morning than be caught dashing to the pot for fear of soiling the old skivvies? Or that the perfect antidote to this state of discomfiture is, of all things, an extra-large bar of Hershey’s milk chocolate?


I am sorry. What an awkward choice of subject matter after such a long absence from LJ.


It must be the lack of sleep I suffered at my parent’s place last night from The Closet That Won’t Shut Up, which, besides being located under a creaky staircase, evidently houses a colony of crickets and two unnaturally animated water heaters. I don’t know how this managed to escape my attention over the past couple years. It’s probably an indication of just how drunk I usually am when forced to be in close proximity to my parents for several hours at a time.


Things seem to be once again going along splendidly with the music project, after suffering a brief setback when reinstalling windows caused me to erase my recordings. Not such a big deal, really, since only one among the lot was a good enough take to be kept. I quickly jotted down the material I’ve been working on lately so as to commit it to memory. I gave a couple of ditties to emoticripple to listen to, in hopes that he could apply his formidable literary talent in whipping me up some lyrics. Bob appears to be coming along at a respectable pace on the drums, and I’ve got another guitarist I’ll be playing with soon that I expect will be able to help with the writing.  


Things on the job front have not been as smooth. Of course, I can not honestly say that I’ve been actively seeking full-time employment aside from my ill-timed application at the Veteran’s Bureau, but the obstacles seem to be real enough. Day by day there appear to be fewer jobs opening up to history majors with mediocre GPA’s and unimpressive extracurricular involvement. This leaves me in the same predicament I had been facing several months ago: whether to throw my all into seeking and securing some sort of better employment, or to continue on with the plan of getting a paralegal’s degree. This summer was to be the time for decisions, but already the days feel like they’re getting shorter.


But anyways, it will all work out for me. Right?


Incidentally, I urge you, if you have not done so already, to go see the new Batman movie. I cannot fathom that in this vast domain of dorkery there would be a single person not touched by this knowledge already, but, if so, let me be the first to contaminate you: this Batman movie had not only a new set of more realistic, three-dimensional villains, and a different, notably less square-jawed hero, but also a quite talented director at the creative helm, Christopher Nolan. From what I read, a sequel is already in production.


Nolan, like Burton in the first two films, creatively reinterprets Gotham for the silver screen in an original, visually engaging way that is also rigidly faithful to the comic that inspired it, in particular Miller-era Dark Knight. This is the man that brought you Insomnia and Memento, and his methods are consistent with the character and quality of those films. Nolan’s Batman has none of the cartoonish stupidity of the Schumacher flicks, which foolishly tried to outdo the Burton films in terms of surrealism, and the late 60’s tv show in campy, homoeroticism (Sorry, folks: no panty-hosed Robins ‘sliding down the Batpole’ here.).  Sure, if you’re already familiar with the Batman story, you will probably find the expository stuff to be a bit tedious, but even in that instance you will have a good deal to look forward to with some creative narrative weaving involving the Scarecrow and Ra’s Al-Ghoul. Lastly, there is the simple choice of casting. I think anyone who has seen American Psycho would agree that few actors are better able to capture the asceticism, psychological foreboding, and patrician aloofness of the Batman/Wayne character than Christian Bale. Batman Begins has all the right ingredients of that rare class of films that exhibit both artistic grace and popular sensibilities. It is a pity that the financial reserves of we dorks have been so heavily tapped into already by Star Wars, or else most of us would be right back there in the front row again.


If you are by chance still reading down this far, and wish to be amused, let me call your attention to this rant of one goofy, curmudgeonly blogger (hats off to Rohmie for the link). In his overeagersness to disparage the anti-Iraq crowd, he commits, methinks, a mix-up just a tad bit embarrassing, confusing some loony followers of a homophobic Kansas preacher as “leftists” and “communists.” What is just as amusing to me is that after being called out in the comments section, he justifies his gaffe with a response so stupid as to defy the imagination:


“And what are they all upset about? Are they upset about a deranged protest at a military funeral? Do they denounce this lunatic? Nope. They're simply upset at being lumped in with a crazy preacher.”


To which I had to reply:


"Hello? Am I missing something? Was not the whole point of your idiotic meanderings merely to paint the anti-war gang as a solid bloc of soldier-hating communists? Was it to discuss in earnest detail issues of foreign policy, or was it to demonize your political opponents as a cohort of traitorous lefties?" 


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